December 2018   
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Young Adults Ministry
Ministry Leader: Bro. Rob Davis

Ministry: Young Adults Ministry

Shepherd/Elder: TBD

Deacon: TBD

Ministry Leaders: Bro. Robert Davis and Bro. Darius Berry

Ministry Purpose: The Way Community Young Adults Ministry aims to equip each young adult with practical biblical teachings to fulfill Christ's Great Commission, prepare each young adult to withstand worldly pressures, and incorporate each young adult into a community united by the blood of Christ.

Ministry Description: With over 50 million young persons aged 18-30 within the United States, 60% of "church-raised" young adults abandon the Church during this interval of life.  Young adults find it very difficult to survive in the world where they face identity crisis, college pressures, relationship temptations, sexuality, substance abuse, atheism, and doubt.  The Way Community Young Adults Ministry is dedicated to adequately equipping young adults with biblical teaching, tools, resources, and fellowship to thrive within their  individual sphere.  The Young Adults Ministry is devoted to discussing ALL aspects of life that have typically been avoided by the corporate Church. 

                The Young Adults Ministry is very intentional about discipling each of its members for the purpose of multiplication.  The curriculum implemented is designed for each young adult to verbalize their faith so that they may be equipped to share the blessed news of the Gospel.  Furthermore, you will find that the Young Adults Ministry is more than a church cohort, it's a family.  Fellowship, support and love are the overwhelming elements that support this ministry.  Come connect with our Young Adults Ministry!

Ministry Team: Bro. Robert Davis, Bro. Darius Berry