December 2018   
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Cynthia Givens

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Cynthia B. Givens is a native of Chickasha, Oklahoma.  She is the youngest of 14 children born to Earnest and Edna Marie Irby.  She was born and raised in the baptist church until she married Jeff Givens and became a member of the Church of Christ.   As a member of The Way Community Church of Christ, Cynthia is helping to establish a format of service and guiding the budgetary efforts to be utilized by the leadership for the needs of the church. 

She and her husband are members of the global missionary team that her church is associated with in east Africa.  They traveled to Africa in 2012 to visit the school of Antcha in the countryside of Ethiopia.  The fundraising efforts (which was supported largely by co-workers and family) enabled she and Jeff to purchase school supplies and other items for the children at the school.  This experience has made them excited about the work that the Lord wants them to continue for their brothers and sisters in the Church of Christ on the African continent.  They share their story of this journey in order to encourage others to do this work of love across the many miles that separate us all.

Cynthia is very actively involved in church and makes every attempt to be available to all people inside and outside the church.  She is grateful and loves everything that God has provided for The Way and intends to make sure that every gift, favor or kind word offered not go unnoticed. 

Cynthia is married to Jeff and they have one daughter, Moneshay Marie.